Saturday, April 16, 2011

Games 1 and 2, Head-to-Head Corsi

My code is still in the "somewhat inefficient" stage, so I won't publish it just yet, but if you're interested, here are H2H Corsi and zone start numbers for the Capitals and Rangers. I didn't bother sorting the Rangers by lines, since Tortorella was doing plenty of line shuffling. Green background indicates a positive differential, yellow zero, and red negative.

Important note: the zone differential doesn't work yet. I'll try and fix it in the coming days. So ignore those rows for now. There's also a glitch with the Corsi numbers, but it's only a difference of one for a few players (Ovechkin in Game 1 for example was +21 according to Timeonice, but my computer spit out +20 instead). That shouldn't be a big deal, though.

Here's a direct link, in case you're having trouble seeing the Google Doc spreadsheets here.

Game 1, forwards:

Game 1, defensemen:

Game 2, forwards:

Game 2, defensemen:

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