Friday, April 29, 2011

H2H Corsi, Game 1

It's natural to be nervous after this game. I am, too. But trust me on this: if the Capitals play each of the rest of the games of this series like this one, they'll win the series. Sometimes, the bounces don't go your way, and that was pretty evident tonight. At any rate, the Capitals got pretty deflated around the middle of the second, thanks in part to some undisciplined play, and probably in part after giving up a late tally in the third. Tampa's puck control along the boards in their defensive zone seemed to improve dramatically when they were ahead (compared to score-tied or trailing), and that was frustrating to watch. Obviously, the Caps' PP needs be better, but on the whole, it was just one game.

I'll panic if the Caps fall behind by two games. Again, one game is just that--one game. Even if the Caps are 70% favorites over Tampa, that just means we expect Tampa to take one of two half the time. Win game two, take one or two in Tampa, come back and win at Verizon Center, and voila.

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The Caps' top line was also +10 Fenwick, so while it was hard to see Ovechkin have so many shots blocked, he got plenty through as well.

Green wasn't matched to any line, but he seemed to better whoever was out there against him. It was curious to note how the Lightning did not try and hit Green at every opportunity--not even when it was legal and relatively easy and within reach--unlike the Rangers.

Carlson was playing hurt the third period, it seemed (and, because he could not play, Erskine had to take a PK shift with the Bolts' top unit out there...). Regardless, I think he, Hannan, Schultz, and Erskine all had somewhat tough games. Erskine I expect that from, but Schultz and Hannan had some problems handling the puck and committing turnovers in the defensive zone, failing to clear, leading to several extended possessions by Tampa.

Carlzner weren't bad, but I expect them to better every line short of Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg, and my impression is that that didn't happen. It needs to. Having a single player account for your entire differential in Corsi (Green) isn't very good--it's too reliant on that player. Others need to pick up the slack. I know this team is capable. Hopefully, it was just rust.

I'm surprised Marc-Andre Bergeron saw so much ice time.

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