Saturday, April 23, 2011

Capitals-Rangers Game 5 Head-to-Head Corsi

In the grand scheme of things, the Capitals just took a game they should have. This was an example of that oft-sought "killer instinct" that has seemed to elude the Capitals recently. Now, we'll wait to see whether the Capitals draw Buffalo, Pittsburgh, or Montreal. All of the three will be a tough matchup.

Hopefully, Mike Green will be ready to go.

The Capitals, despite leading almost the entire game, won the Corsi battle pretty handily.



Prust, Boyle, and Avery definitely came ready to play, and Ruslan Fedotenko seems like he just raises his game for the playoffs. Aside from Henrik Lundqvist, though, no other Ranger seemed ready to play to stave off elimination (Staal and Girardi, for example, were solid, but not dominant like they needed to be).

I'll have a little more on this series in the coming days.

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