Friday, April 1, 2011

This Summer, I'm Moving

I'm a high school senior and going to university. My choices:

Columbia [College]
Pros: Excellent academics, New York City, family and friends nearby in NJ, can easily see games at MSG, Nassau, and Prudential Center, and my dad's friends still teaching there.
Cons: Price, New York City

McGill University
Pros: Montreal (hockey + practice French), cold and fresh air, city, solid academics
Cons: Price, away from anyone I know

University of Virginia
Pros: Lots of people I know (TJ sends ~70 seniors a year there), very cheap, solid academics, Echols scholar program, nice campus
Cons: A bit out of the way

University College London (Math with Economics program)
Pros: Graduate in 3 years, will be there during Olympics, solid academics
Cons: Away from all family and friends, will be there during Olympics, expensive living costs, different from what I'm used to, still away from ice hockey

Costs aside from UVa I expect to be pretty similar. Which would you pick? I'm pretty sold on Columbia, though others have told me they'd pick McGill or UCL.

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