Monday, April 25, 2011

Caps-Rangers Head-to-Head Corsi and TOI

Zone start tallies still don't work, so I didn't include those, and Corsi data still seems to miss one event per game for some reason. At any rate, here's what I have, and I added in head-to-head even-strength time-on-ice numbers (ripped from Vic Ferrari's timeonice reports). I also added in black bars to help separate the "cells" (forward lines) from each other.

If you're having difficulty viewing the spreadsheets, click here to see them directly at Google Docs.


Note that Eric Fehr, Mike Knuble, and Sean Avery did not play in every game, Mike Green and Dan Girardi missed parts of Game 5, and John Tortorella juggled lines (Bruce Boudreau did too, but not very much--just Brooks Laich/Jason Chimera/Mike Knuble/Alexander Semin on the top line).

I'm a little disappointed here with Laich and Knuble--Knuble for being in the red at all, and Laich for not being higher. Eric Fehr in limited minutes put up a nice Corsi rating.


Green played with Erskine until Game 4, when Boudreau swapped Erskine with Schultz. It looks like Boudreau was careful to protect Erskine from Gaborik, but liked Green-Erskine against Boyle-Prust-Avery.

I'd bet on Schultz's minus having to do with not getting much ice time when the Caps trail. Like we'd have thought, Dubinsky got the best of Schultz. Avery and Anisimov had nice series, and Scott Hannan was fantastic.

One other thing that jumped out at me is that Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom did not singlehandedly account for the Caps' entire Corsi differential, as they did during the regular season (negative off-ice Corsi).

If the Caps can play like they did in Game 5, they'll steamroll the East, and can probably beat anyone in the West, too. But they'll have to elevate their game some more. They beat the weakest playoff team outside of Anaheim, good. It only gets tougher from here on out.

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  1. Love the stats and your blog. Great work! And I concur, play like we did in game 5 and it's all downhill. But they have to bring that intensity every time.