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Recap: Thrashers 3, Capitals 1

Halak'd Pavelec'd. A Peverley deflection, a sharp-angle roofer from Burmistrov, and a Ladd shot, and that's all the offense Atlanta needed.

But hey, at least Ovechkin scored, right? (if you didn't see that shift, make sure to see it some time. It was beautiful, about 90 seconds in zone time plus quite a few shots)

Man of the match: Alex Ovechkin from a Caps perspective, Ondrej Pavelec overall.
Shift Charts Corsi/Fenwick H2H TOI Zone starts
  • The Capitals were a +5 Fenwick and +16 Corsi. When I checked after one period, they were a +5 Fenwick and +6 Corsi (or thereabouts). Not good enough.
  • I guess it's good to keep in mind that with all those power plays it's kind of difficult to get even strength shots, especially when your stars play the power play and the "muckers and grinders" then have to take even strength minutes.
  • The reffing was terrific. Which is, to say, terrible. They missed three high sticks on Caps (one which drew blood on Chimera) and two on the Thrashers by my count. Alexander Burmistrov was particularly egregious with his stick control.
  • His goal was the flip side of his stick abilities.
  • Neither coach was really line matching (or at least Boudreau didn't and Ramsay wasn't able to) except that Hannan-Sloan frequently drew Eager, Burmistrov, and Antropov.
  • Jeff Schultz only played 13 minutes at evens. Must be a season-low. I'm not quite sure why.
  • A -2 team zone start isn't very much. Ovechkin was the top Cap in the offensive zone at -3. At the very least Boudreau was spreading around the zone starts. Or maybe Ramsay was and Boudreau was simply reacting.
  • It's not surprising that the team leader in Corsi was John Carlson at +8. What is surprising is that tied with him was Matt Bradley.
  • Fenwick leaders: Johansson, Schultz at +6. Yet both were outchanced. Go figure.
  • Mike Knuble was a -5 Fenwick and got outchanced. Not a great game for "Grandpa Slippers," who was a puck magnet in the wrong sense--several shots from the point hit him as he was setting a screen.
  • The first period of this game was the way hockey is supposed to be played, with solid goaltending, chances (but not too many) at both ends, and nary a whistle or penalty.
Scoring chances (s/t Vic Ferrari)

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20383

WSH114:34ZP Chimera centers to Gordon1151623258968213133805v5
ATL114:13ZP Burmistrov in front1151623258948212931805v5
WSH112:51ZP Bradley backhand11026273974416182931475v5
ATL111:56ZP Burmistrov in front12326272890821313339805v5
WSH111:12T Semin 3-on-212128748990610222731335v5
WSH111:03FO Gordon to Fehr115162527741022273133395v5
WSH110:05T Green one-timer, Laich rebound181921285246827315v4
WSH19:19T Ovechkin to Knuble backdoor1816227490462731475v4
ATL18:38T Boulton on timing play119252728741423293133365v5
ATL17:05T Slater wrister11026395255410222729315v5
ATL15:05T Bogosian weak-side125285255410182729314v5
WSH13:55ZP Fehr in front115162552893682131805v5
ATL12:21ZP Stewart deflection121272874901022273133395v5
ATL219:28T Thorburn deke, wrister121285255901022273133395v5
WSH216:28ZP Semin slapshot through traffic18192128523101629315v4
WSH216:20ZP Green slapshot18192128523101629315v4
WSH215:51FO Green weak-side1816222552462327315v4
WSH215:18ZP Chimera tries to stuff1816222552462131805v4
ATL215:08T Burmistrov breakaway18162225524682131805v5
ATL212:04ZP GOAL Peverley18192252551618313339475v5
ATL211:08T Ladd in close (followed by non-chance Burmistrov goal)115162325893682131805v5
WSH29:28ZP Green slapshot deflected11026395255414232931365v5
WSH28:12ZP Semin backhander18192128523162931475v4
WSH27:53T Semin starts a goalmouth scramble18192128523162931475v4
WSH27:07ZP Fehr wrister18162226523102729315v4
ATL27:00T Thorburn 2-on-118162226523102729315v4
WSH24:38T Backstrom 3-on-318192852551821313339475v5
ATL23:43ZP Bergfors open in front12122525590416182931475v5
WSH20:54ZP Backstrom to Ovechkin in front18192728741618313339475v5
WSH20:49ZP GOAL Ovechkin18192728741618313339475v5
ATL318:17T Eager 1-on-1115162527744682131805v5
ATL317:34ZP GOAL Ladd115195255416313347804v5
WSH316:43ZP Knuble rebound12122232790410222729315v5
WSH314:44T Fehr breakaway1162526525536161831475v5
WSH311:00ZP Laich tries to stuff18192128523162931475v4
WSH310:48ZP Semin one-timer18192128523162931475v4
WSH37:48ZP Green sneaks in18192152743162931475v4
WSH37:30T Ovechkin 3-on-21819215274361631475v4
WSH36:55ZP Green wrister1819215274461027315v4
WSH36:31ZP Semin wrister off the crossbar1828527490382229315v4

1S. VARLAMOV46:09111110:001512:0802
8A. OVECHKIN16:09329:291510:0000
10M. BRADLEY10:39210:00000:0000
15B. GORDON10:23330:08000:3701
16E. FEHR9:59442:35410:0000
19N. BACKSTROM15:18326:421000:3901
21B. LAICH13:34236:151000:5100
22M. KNUBLE14:46133:26410:4500
23S. HANNAN13:56230:00000:3700
25J. CHIMERA11:45450:49200:2301
26M. HENDRICKS10:07320:40110:1700
27K. ALZNER17:48540:18001:0800
28A. SEMIN14:13445:46800:4401
39D. STECKEL6:48210:03000:0000
52M. GREEN17:59459:261411:0002
55J. SCHULTZ13:12340:00001:0002
74J. CARLSON19:46532:34500:3100
89T. SLOAN12:24320:00000:0000
90M. JOHANSSON12:17241:49200:0000

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

Check back later for H2H scoring chances (aside from Knuble and Semin swapping spots, the lines stayed consistent the entire game). H2H up. Among forwards, I used the center to determine which line was playing (though each team had one instance of a chance for/against without a center on the ice). A couple of times there was only one defenseman on the ice for the Caps as well.

Click for larger.

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