Thursday, December 2, 2010

Recap: Stars 2, Capitals 1

I have to go to school real soon, so not much for now. The Caps ramped it up later in the game, but it was too late. Michal Neuvirth let in a weak second goal to Segal, but 2 GA is still a "quality start" and the Capitals simply didn't generate the offense they needed, especially on the power play. The Capitals shouldn't have had to bank the game on that goal wash-out with the goalie pulled (Carlson scored, but it was ruled incidental contact with the goalie, even when Skrastins of his own volition ran into his own goalie).

Scoring chances, thanks to Vic Ferrari. (I had put one chance in there twice. Here are updated scoring chances. And sorry, no H2H scoring chances--as I was tallying the chances, I found Boudreau really changing up his lines, and even the Stars were changing lines and pairings. I'll post them sometime later when a program, not I, is tallying chances head-to-head)

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20371

WSH119:25ZP Hendricks to Fehr in front41623263090618213044915v5
WSH116:20ZP Knuble in front8192230525523101430635v5
DAL116:08T Morrow 3-on-28192230525523101430635v5
DAL116:00ZP Neal open in circle162627307490618213044915v5
WSH115:13T Fehr off Raycroft turnover41621232630618213044915v5
DAL111:40ZP Richards rebound162326305590618213044915v5
DAL111:31FO Burish deflection212528305255516242930375v5
WSH110:18T Ovechkin wrister8222730397423101430635v5
WSH17:43T Alzner on long rebound212527283055510143037635v5
DAL13:17T Ott to Burish in front8192230525523161729305v5
DAL11:56T Ribeiro jams rebound wide101527303974610143044635v5
DAL10:58T Eriksson splits the defense42123252830518213037915v5
DAL219:10T Benn wrister1521233055
DAL218:54ZP Morrow finds space in slot1521233055
DAL218:20ZP hard slapshot, glass behind net has to be replaced2627283074
WSH218:03T Semin semi-breakaway2627283074
WSH217:45ZP Ovechkin weak-side81921283052316173037
DAL216:36T Ott and Benn 2-on-182128305290314293037
WSH216:23T Green curl-and-drag8212830529026212330
WSH215:42ZP Carlson slapshot, Fehr rebound1622273074902561621305v5
DAL214:15T Daley joins the rush212528305255618213044915v5
WSH213:53T Ovechkin dekes in tight81922305255617183044915v5
DAL211:29ZP backdoor pass1527307490
WSH29:46T Carlson for Semin on 2-on-11523303952
DAL27:53ZP Grossman on a long rebound4232526305523161723305v5
DAL26:32ZP GOAL Ribeiro2830525590
DAL25:58T Burish 3-on-28192227307423161729305v5
DAL24:17ZP Neal tries to stuff41623263090518213037915v5
DAL318:47ZP Burish in front8192230525523161729305v5
DAL318:17T Benn 2-on-28212227307423101430635v5
DAL316:17ZP scramble in front1530525590
WSH315:41T Ovechkin gloves puck out of air, shoots481923283026141623305v5
WSH313:25ZP Fehr in circle81622305290316233037445v5
DAL313:16T 2-on-281622305290316233037445v5
DAL311:05T Ott 2-on-181921283052216232930
WSH310:55T Ovechkin slapshot8192128305226162330
WSH39:43ZP GOAL Knuble162226305274321293037
DAL39:23T GOAL Segal102527307490610243044635v5
WSH37:58ZP Ovechkin pushes rebound wide8192830525523161729305v5
WSH37:16ZP Laich wrister212225305255510143037635v5
WSH37:10FO Johansson wrister162627307490616213044915v5
WSH36:03ZP Ovechkin deflection81619305255616182130445v5
WSH32:36T Johansson Ovechkin-style wrister212225307490618213037915v5

4J. ERSKINE11:11330:00000:1200
8A. OVECHKIN16:51765:28320:0800
10M. BRADLEY6:30020:00000:0000
15B. GORDON8:02010:00004:4314
16E. FEHR10:37641:45100:0000
19N. BACKSTROM14:50543:55210:0800
21B. LAICH13:00444:11323:2602
22M. KNUBLE14:56761:45100:4200
23S. HANNAN14:12340:00004:5012
25J. CHIMERA11:03350:00001:2900
26M. HENDRICKS9:15340:48102:0211
27K. ALZNER13:41450:22002:2912
28A. SEMIN13:12334:11322:1712
30M. NEUVIRTH43:1014155:56429:2526
39D. STECKEL7:50110:00002:4910
52M. GREEN18:25665:34422:5112
55J. SCHULTZ15:50670:00004:2904
74J. CARLSON14:02450:28103:5112
90M. JOHANSSON11:17551:13111:1403

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

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