Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Recap: Capitals 4, Blues 1

I was expected a let-down. Boy, was I wrong, starting in net. Semyon Varlamov again got the nod, again got the net knocked over him, and was again stellar.

Here's the storyline. Tell me this doesn't sound familiar:

Team A dominates early.
Team A takes a penalty.
Team B scores a power play goal.
Team A is launching shots from everywhere, getting good chances, but a hot goalie denies them all.
Team A is starting to lose life, but get a goal and get their legs back.
Team B scores in transition off an A turnover and bad pinch.
Team A can't score on its power plays and looks totally discombobulated during them, while Team B clinically passes the puck around and tallies.
Team A gets nothing, and Team B ices it with an empty netter, despite A dominating the shot count.

Take that, Halak. If we can do it to you we can do it to Kari Lehtonen on Thursday night, right?
No thoughts on the stats tonight since I actually have to get ready for school really soon.

Well, except that the Blues had exactly two players in negative Corsi territory--Dave Scatchard and Stefan Della Rovere, who was -6 on a +20 night for St. Louis. Heck, DJ King was a +5. Ouch.

Scoring chances, thanks to Vic Ferrari's script.

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20361

STL118:44ZP Steen power move to front1819225255518202627415v5
STL118:02ZP D\'Agostini shot deflected110151727741721283336415v5
WSH116:25FO Backstrom and Laich with loose puck in front18192128525212741425v4
STL115:52T Backes 2-on-11819212852462141425v4
STL114:52T McDonald 2-on-118162252905102027415v4
WSH112:08T Laich drives to front18192128525212741425v4
WSH111:48ZP GOAL Laich18192128525212741425v4
WSH19:44T Ovechkin between-the-legs move1819225255518202627415v5
STL18:17ZP Colaiacovo slapper with traffic13151955610152128414v5
WSH14:42ZP Bradley off a funny bounce110151727741819202833415v5
STL14:04ZP McClement wrister12127287490510182627415v5
STL13:29ZP Backes alone in front1252628525546102241425v5
STL12:36T Crombeen 3-on-21819225255518202627415v5
STL12:10ZP Steen nice dekes and shot13481922518202227415v5
STL12:04ZP Boyes rebound, fantastic save by Varlamov1152152552022283641424v5
WSH218:14T Fehr backhand1341625261721283336415v5
STL217:55T Sobotka shot, D\'Agostini rebound1341625261721283336415v5
WSH216:17T AO wrister181522525546102241425v5
STL214:11T Colaiacovo sneaks in116252652551721283336415v5
STL218:50T Boyes 2-on-21819225255518202627415v5
WSH210:08ZP Fehr in front (followed in 10 seconds by Gordon goal)1341625261721283336415v5
WSH22:44T Ovechkin power move to front1819222774417182627415v5
STL21:14T McDonald shot13162155901022272841425v5
STL20:33ZP GOAL Steen11015252774520212627415v5
STL317:38T D\'Agostini wrister141625267446152136415v5
WSH312:55ZP GOAL Backstrom181922557456171836415v5
WSH311:32T Semin breakaway142128529046102241425v5
STL311:07T Boyes hits post1212728529046102022415v5
STL39:50ZP Backes through traffic1162526557446102022415v5
WSH38:55ZP Bradley rebound11015172774610202228415v5
STL38:42T Steen wrister11015172774610202228415v5
STL37:34ZP D\'Agostini rebound148192252415182736415v5
STL36:20ZP Berglund out of the air1162526277456172141425v5
WSH30:35T GOAL Backstrom1481922521720212728425v5

1S. VARLAMOV49:0110172:59328:0003
3T. POTI8:40230:00002:2001
4J. ERSKINE13:19440:13001:4400
8A. OVECHKIN16:06552:46320:0000
10M. BRADLEY9:40230:13000:0000
15B. GORDON11:30330:00002:2602
16E. FEHR9:40261:08010:0000
17D. KING7:44220:00000:0000
19N. BACKSTROM14:41451:38312:5502
21B. LAICH11:25131:38313:2202
22M. KNUBLE15:34551:08011:2100
25J. CHIMERA12:52270:13001:3100
26M. HENDRICKS11:52260:13001:2100
27K. ALZNER18:12360:00003:0201
28A. SEMIN13:37131:38312:2500
52M. GREEN20:24472:59322:0101
55J. SCHULTZ19:55370:00003:5102
74J. CARLSON18:02470:00003:0201
90M. JOHANSSON11:52131:08010:3900

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

I don't have the time right now to finish up the H2H scoring chance data, but I'll update as soon as I can. Updated. Green and Schultz look brutal, but their zonestart was +10. Plus ten!!! When you start so much in the defensive zone--especially against top lines and elite checking centers--you may look bad. Schultz looks like he's going through a bit of a rough stretch--either that or his partners are. Watch out for that tonight.

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