Friday, November 19, 2010

Recap: Thrashers 5, Capitals 0

I did not expect such a horrible performance.

I'm not feeling very well, so only a brief recap here.

The Caps should play much, much better against Philadelphia. Bright spot of the game for the Caps: Mike Green. He looked to me like the best player on the Caps. Burmistrov looked good for Atlanta. Alex Ovechkin got a bit of his "inspired" stride back. I hope Mike Knuble is feeling alright.

And looks like the Caps got back to drawing penalties, and didn't take many too. Of course, winning >> penalty differential, though the two are related.

Why was the top power play unit out in the dying moments of a 5-0 game? Come on, BB. Credit to the Thrashers, though, they really shut everything down for most of the third (then the Caps looked like they gave up).

Here's the link to scoring chances, which I posted below the break as well. Of course, thanks to Vic Ferrari for making this so very much easier.

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20277

WSH118:31T Backstrom drop pass, Ovechkin wrister8192252557049102229315v5
WSH118:24FO puck bounces in front, Laich tries to stuff21272870749049102229315v5
ATL117:19ZP GOAL Eager deflection41416267089821313339805v5
WSH114:25T Johansson wrister21272852709049102229315v5
ATL118:09T GOAL Holtby misplays puck, Antropov puts it in easily (note: Kane goal not counted as scoring chance)21272870749049102229315v5
WSH18:04T Johansson drives wide and to the net21272830749049102229315v5
WSH12:29ZP Erskine slapshot48192230522327313336395v5
WSH11:03ZP PP Green wrister8142128305210213133395v4
ATL10:28T SH Ladd 2-on-2 wrister81922283052461631475v4
WSH217:20T Bradley misses open top of net4102530398948212931805v5
WSH215:59T Knuble one-timer off post81922273074616183133475v5
ATL213:58FO Slater tries to stuff10253039525536232731365v5
WSH212:53ZP Schultz one-timer81626305255910223133395v5
WSH212:31T Backstrom stick breaks on deflection try81922273052910223133395v5
WSH29:36ZP PP Semin one-timer819212830523162931475v4
WSH26:41ZP Semin dangles to front212830525590410162229315v5
ATL25:19T Peverley816193052551618313339475v5
ATL23:30ZP Peverley gets alone in front21305255904102729314v4
WSH20:58T Semin 2-on-2819283052556892231335v5
ATL20:51T GOAL Byfuglien48262830896892231335v5
ATL316:05ZP Sopel shot deflected1621305255903682131805v5
WSH314:51ZP Ovechkin deflection81927283074416222931475v5
ATL314:32ZP Little gets open in front81927283074910223133395v5
WSH311:15T AO rush48192830743691022315v5
ATL36:49ZP PP backdoor try213039551631333947803v5
ATL36:20T PP Byfuglien rush25263052551631333947804v5
ATL35:01FO Burmistrov off turnover26273039743681821314v5
ATL32:44T GOAL Burmistrov dangles1025303952553682131805v5

4J. ERSKINE12:53320:00000:3800
8A. OVECHKIN16:53835:47210:0000
10M. BRADLEY11:36120:01000:0000
14T. FLEISCHMANN10:47012:32100:3400
16E. FEHR11:26131:59000:0000
19N. BACKSTROM15:33723:15110:3000
21B. LAICH12:47533:10201:2500
22M. KNUBLE8:21401:39010:0000
25J. CHIMERA11:59120:59000:2701
26M. HENDRICKS10:10120:00001:1202
27K. ALZNER18:20620:01001:2701
28A. SEMIN15:11733:32210:3500
30M. NEUVIRTH41:181175:48213:1802
39D. STECKEL11:13120:01001:0601
52M. GREEN19:46855:47210:5001
55J. SCHULTZ18:51450:16001:5101
70B. HOLTBY9:07320:00000:0000
74J. CARLSON18:56620:01001:5001
89T. SLOAN12:47120:00000:0000
90M. JOHANSSON13:24530:00000:4700

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

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