Monday, November 22, 2010

Recap: Devils 5, Capitals 0

The score tells 99% of the story.

The remaining one percent:

The ice looked terrible. Either that or something was up with the Caps, since Green slipped at least three times and all the Caps save Backstrom seemed to be mishandling the puck all night, flubbing passes and shots. I think two or three goals were scored pretty much as a result of that. Meanwhile, the Devils didn't have those same issues for the most part.

Both Mike Green and Tyler Sloan left the game and did not return.

John Carlson was the only Cap consistently creating his own offense. Backstrom had a decent game as well, but that's not saying much.

On to Raleigh. I wonder if I should take school off on Thanksgiving to watch the game.
Here's scoring chances. It's pretty clear both teams got pretty disinterested by the third. Thanks to Vic Ferrari for his xdennis script which makes the following tables possible.

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20299

NJD118:38T Arnott slapper14162152557016212526345v5
NJD114:12T GOAL Elias252652557016212325264v5
WSH111:59ZP Alzner shot tipped10252770749018171822285v5
WSH18:48ZP Ovechkin shot tipped8192128527015710265v4
WSH15:26ZP Backstrom turnaround shot819285255701571219235v5
NJD13:46T GOAL Arnott41416217089121222526285v5
WSH12:36T Carlson slapshot819272870741572125265v5
NJD11:47T GOAL Tedenby hauled down on breakway, scores on PS4152639708918172122285v5
WSH10:26ZP Fehr from in tight14162127707417121923345v5
NJD218:51T Zubrus splits the D8105255709018171822285v5
NJD217:18ZP GOAL Arnott14162127557016212526345v5
WSH216:12T Ovechkin 3-on-281027707490111122223285v5
WSH214:44ZP Laich tries to stuff192128527074161026285v4
WSH213:51ZP Chimera shot81425285270151214285v4
NJD212:13T GOAL Zubrus15262739557018171822285v5
WSH211:15T Ovechkin from slot481621707416212526345v5
NJD210:40T Elias 2-on-1 stoned by Holtby4141621707416212526345v5
WSH210:12T Hendricks tips Carlson pass192628557074110111422285v5
WSH210:08ZP Semin one-timer192628525570110111422285v5
WSH27:32ZP Fehr and Laich with loose puck in slot414162170741571019235v5
NJD22:16T Kovalchuk to Vaysunov15252739707418171822285v5
NJD317:10ZP Pelley backhand41025707490110111422285v5
NJD315:50ZP Zubrus tip, Erskine clears it off goal line4141527397018171822285v5
NJD314:28T Zajac on rebound816215270741571219235v5
WSH313:49T AO off post8162127707417121922235v5
WSH313:25FO Bradley rebound4102552709017121922235v5
NJD39:50T Clarkson 2-on-1 backhand481021707416101923345v5
WSH36:12ZP Semin wrister81421287074161926285v4

4J. ERSKINE16:13360:00000:4400
8A. OVECHKIN18:20534:46300:0000
10M. BRADLEY12:00330:00000:2000
14T. FLEISCHMANN10:51253:29200:0900
15B. GORDON10:58040:10001:3200
16E. FEHR13:02452:20000:0900
19N. BACKSTROM14:33402:19200:3000
21B. LAICH11:13462:55300:5500
25J. CHIMERA10:59222:43100:1301
26M. HENDRICKS11:14220:02000:2501
27K. ALZNER20:37540:12001:5200
28A. SEMIN15:17403:30400:2200
39D. STECKEL11:09040:02001:0500
52M. GREEN16:42333:50300:2701
55J. SCHULTZ22:19340:00001:4201
70B. HOLTBY50:1811125:50403:1201
74J. CARLSON22:40852:52201:3900
89T. SLOAN3:25020:00000:0000
90M. JOHANSSON12:10320:00000:4400

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

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