Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Caps Acquire Scott Hannan

I'm pumped, for two reasons. One, this guy is off the team. Second, courtesy behindthenet and hockeyreference (click for larger):

More points than either Erskine or Sloan? Check. Next.

Last season for the Avalanche Hannan was the veteran shutdown blueliner. He had tough zonestart and his Corsi wasn't all that bad (relatively, that is). His zoneshift from about 42 to 48% there is fantastic. Here, he's a second pairing defenseman who had to play top pair minutes and did alright for himself.

This is worse, but still decent. Hannan still has tough zonestart and tough competition. His Corsi is still alright considering, but he took a hit in TOI. Liles has really been a monster this season.

Looks like he can step in with Poti and bolster that third pairing. Poti looks like he's been hurt by having to play a lot with not-top-4-caliber D (and/or small sample).

On the other side, Tomas Fleischmann moves away from a chance at a Stanley Cup in the very near future, but probably goes to a place where he'll get plenty of even strength and power play time, be able to play his preferred position left wing, and from the looks of it play with Matt Duchene. A new start for Flash, and all the best to him.

But for now, looks like Hannan may play tomorrow night in St. Louis, wearing #23. And the Caps would still have enough cap room at the deadline to go after Brad Richards.

I made this last season:


  1. Brad Richards on the Capitals would be a scary, scary thing. Might be a bit 'extreme' in terms of renting a player for the playoff push but there is no doubt that he would add offense to a team that is already drunk with it. Richards also has a pedigree of being a playoff performer. The Capitals might have to give up a lot to get him though, including perhaps one of their two young goaltenders (Neuvirth/Varlamov) though it is uncertain whether the Stars really need that security with Lehtonen playing solid of late (not remarkable mind you, but solid).

    (Dig Deep of Blueshirt Banter)

  2. The homer fan in me says Richards could be had for a 1st round draft pick and that Dallas is comfortable with Jack Campbell as their goalie prospect...good points though. Probably would be close to a Hossa-type deal.