Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zone Entries: Caps 3, Senators 2 (OT)

Link to the spreadsheet (cells also posted below)

  • Clean breakouts and zone entries
  • A good mix of dumps and controlled entries
  • Discipline
  • Generating chances in transition
  • Alex Ovechkin (by my count) using five different moves on the rush, and using the cut-to-the-middle only twice.
  • Pressure in the defensive zone, regaining possession of the puck
  • Getting 87 of the 167 entries, 52.1%, despite holding a lead for about half the game (the first and half the third) and against an underrated possession team (last year they were about 49% in Fenwick, but got terrible, terrible goaltending).
  • Neuvirth finding his game.
  • No Semin, know win. Know Semin, no win.
  • Sitting back a bit much with the lead, and getting hemmed in for about three minutes after Michalek tied the game.
  • Getting a slumping goalie to play well.
  • This was Ottawa, after all. And we haven't seen coaches really plan for Hunter, yet. His true test will be how he adapts.
  • Getting 67 of 141 entries at even strength, 47.5%. A little more sitting back in the third than I would have liked to see.
  • Troy Brouwer with a team-worst -9 Fenwick, -11 Corsi.
  • Erik Karlsson's +12 Fenwick, +17 Corsi, despite playing plenty against Ovechkin. Just copy how teams play against Green and use that against Karlsson, who looks to me like he's ahead of where Green was at the same age.
All in all, the bottom six seems to have their game, and we're waiting for the top six to find their game. Slowly but surely, it seems like that's happening at last. Florida will be a nice follow-up test.

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