Sunday, December 18, 2011

Zone Entries: Avalanche 2, Caps 1

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Pretty lethargic effort from the Caps, I thought. Without the puck, it always seemed like the Caps were a step slow or a step out of position (except for when Chimera got a stick on O'Reilly, I think it was, to prevent a goal). I know the Avalanche are fast, but when your players get to within one step and then stop skating, you know something is up. It's especially annoying with Ovechkin, who loses the puck so often but then goes passive instead of hounding the player who took the puck away from him. I don't need Ovechkin to be going at 110% on defense all 200ft, like Henrik Zetterberg, but chasing his adversary for five or ten more steps, maybe 30 ft, would be nice. It would slow down the opposition, at a minimum.

I think Jeff Halpern has been a really underrated addition to this team. Not only is he a very good faceoff man (by the way, that ownage in the dot late was painful to watch), but he can do a little of the dirty work, moves plenty well, and knows how to take steps to create offense without doing too much on his own (i.e. cycling and knowing where his teammates are on the cycle).

Lastly, if you want to create room for yourself Mr. Semin, you need to force the D back by playing with speed every now and then. Look at how room as opened up for Ovechkin now that he dumps the puck in every once in a while.

Anyway, I hope for a better effort back in lower-altitude DC.

Link to first part, link to second, thanks to Ferrari's Timeonice script. Hundredth entry was, again, late in the second.

I manually added the two together and these are the results.

4J. ERSKINE10:0515170:00000:0000
6D. WIDEMAN20:5930304:25751:2803
8A. OVECHKIN18:0030264:34750:0000
15J. HALPERN13:0215230:14010:3702
19N. BACKSTROM16:4629244:10651:1502
20T. BROUWER12:4817201:53511:1303
21B. LAICH16:0227214:02661:2903
22M. KNUBLE9:288141:47510:5102
25J. CHIMERA16:1027232:42241:2503
26M. HENDRICKS3:49450:00000:0000
27K. ALZNER18:1133290:00002:3206
28A. SEMIN15:1727221:21310:0000
30M. NEUVIRTH49:0276766:001154:0009
42J. WARD13:2924200:11001:1003
44R. HAMRLIK13:5019200:00001:2803
74J. CARLSON19:1930292:28512:3206
81D. ORLOV16:5027271:33400:0000
85M. PERREAULT3:14460:00000:0000
90M. JOHANSSON12:1520242:04510:0000

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

 Basically 50% for the game, which isn't good considering the Caps were trailing for 56 minutes of this one (McLeod scored early, and Johnson restored the Avs' lead about a minute after Semin tied the game).

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