Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Caps Sign Sjogren

The Capitals signed Mattias Sjogren, it seems.

Here's a profile from Elite prospects. His stat line looks okay, and NHLE says we can expect around .78 of his points-per-game rate to translate to the NHL. That leaves his last three SEL years as follows:

6-7-13 in 43 --> 9-10-19 in 82
11-11-22 in 54--> 13-13-26 in 82
7-17-24 in 51--> 9-21-30 in 82

His 1-8-9 in 13 and 0-1-1 in 3 in the playoffs the last two years hint that he could be a "playoff performer" at a minimum. Guess you can't have too many of those. But he doesn't seem like anything more than a depth scorer. I hope I'm wrong.

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