Sunday, May 29, 2011

Canucks vs Bruins Preview

Sorry Bruins fans, I think Vancouver is going to steamroll your team. Boston lacks a huge advantage in net against exactly two teams, and they're playing the one of those two that made the playoffs (the other I think is Anaheim, with Swiss Jonas Hiller). Meanwhile, Alain Vigneault's skaters have a ginormous advantage over Claude Julien's skaters. Boston will be icing the best defenseman in Chara and maybe the best forward in Bergeron, but Vancouver is icing the next best three or four at each position after that. The Sedins are clicking, Kesler has been great, and the Canucks third line is forechecking extremely well. The Sharks had the depth to get good players out against both the Sedins and Kesler, but Boston only has enough personnel to shut down one of the two. The other should be rolling. And we haven't even considered Malhotra yet, who, with what's looking like a return for the Finals, will take the defensive burden off off Kesler and Laperierre. Blind Corsi says Canucks in 5, and I say Canucks in 5, too.

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