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Recap: Capitals 7 @ Flames 2

domination (noun)
1. an act or instance of dominating

That was the night, in a nutshell. For the first twenty minutes Calgary were much better, but a bad hooking penalty by Curtis Glencross in the offensive zone helped the Caps to start scoring. A lot.

Man of the match: Mike Green. All night long Green was simply fantastic and the best player on the ice. He broke up plays with ease and started the Caps' rush with that trademark effortless stride. His feed to Nicklas Backstrom on the latter's power play goal was Crosby-esque, through three Flames in the slot and right onto Backstrom's stick.

Timeonice reports: Shift Charts, Head-to-Head TOI, Zonestart, Corsi/Fenwick

Not too much to note here. Regehr-Bouwmeester and Hagman-Jokinen-Bourque went out against Ovechkin's line. John Carlson and Karl Alzner drew the tough matchup against Iginla. They, especially Carlson, didn't look too good, but with that matchup and the toughest zonestart on the team (+4) temper your perceptions accordingly--Carlson wasn't that bad. In my opinion, though, Carlson puts himself in a position to be hit too often. I guess his leg is nagging him and not letting him skate as quickly as normal.

In terms of Corsi, the Caps were a -13. Ouch. Green, Steckel (each +2), and Hendricks (+1) were the only Caps to come out positive, and Ovechkin and King were even. Carlson was a -11 on his own, so without him on the ice (and hence probably Iginla) the teams were even. I think score effects wouldn't be all that prominent here, since the Flames seemed to give up after a while. They were launching shots from the outside quite a bit--their first PP the Flames had four shots and I didn't even come close to recording a scoring chance. Glencross, Morrison, and Backlund led the way for the Flames in Corsi.

Glencross actually had a good game for himself, generating several chances and potting one on a slapshot past Michal Neuvirth (which deflected off Brian Fahey's stick). Just his one bad penalty seemed to unravel the Flames' discipline--Calgary opened it up a bit, took some more penalties, and got burned, badly.

The main takeaways from this game: strong PKing (including of a lengthy 5-on-3, not even giving the Flames a half-decent scoring chance), a PP revival (thanks to an apparently ~95% if not 100% Mike Green), and still reliable goaltending. Bruce Boudreau finally benched his big guns in the third.

Oh, and less Erskine-Fahey, please. They couldn't defend against the dump-and-chase all night.

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20154

CGY119:21Iginla backhand142122305255312182834405v5
CGY119:18GOAL Jokinen deflection 81927283074410131728345v5
WSH118:13Goalmouth scramble, Kiprusoff save on Chimera41015253044410111728345v5
CGY116:33Power move to net14212227307435152434445v5
WSH114:50PP Green wrister81928305255410131728345v5
CGY114:32SH Glencross 2-on-1142122305274562024345v4
WSH114:09PP Ovechkin one-timer81921283052562024345v4
CGY113:20SH 2-on-181422253074341134405v4
CGY110:27Giordano with screen263039525558101317344v5
CGY18:56GOAL Glencross slapshot4101525304468112029345v5
CGY17:35White 3-on-242128305234121834404v5
CGY15:56Neuvirth splits to stop cross-crease pass deflection off Carlson\'s skate81928305574411202428345v5
WSH14:38GOAL Backstrom PP on great feed from Green819212830524202428345v4
CGY13:58Big rebound, Morrison tries to jam it in410152530443581120345v5
WSH217:27Backstrom misses open net8192128305242428345v3
WSH216:19GOAL AO PP one-timer81921223052468345v3
WSH216:07GOAL AO PP wrister81425283052561134405v4
CGY215:12Glencross 3-on-2 one-timer15252627307468112029345v5
WSH29:33GOAL Bouwmeester giveaway, Semin to Green for an 08-09 style wrister (Sarich own goal soon thereafter)81928305255410131728345v5
WSH26:07GOAL Semin 2-on-1 in slot81927283074411152028345v5
CGY24:56Tanguay one-timer41015253044612182935405v5
WSH21:37GOAL Steckel breakaway, PS41530397458101317354v5
CGY318:44Iginla tries to stuff a loose puck142122273074612151829345v5
CGY314:20Iginla 3-on-28152830525545121834405v5
WSH313:32Chimera 1-on-14101525304435152434445v5
CGY310:58Backlund fans all alone in slot10152527304468112029345v5
WSH37:34Fleischmann breakaway14212227307468112029345v5
CGY35:46Tanguay tip while being tripped142122305574612182934405v5
WSH31:51Laich can\'t settle a bouncing puck on 3-on-2212225273044610131729345v5
CGY31:00Iginla misses net from low slot41014153074312182834405v5

4J. ERSKINE13:40240:00004:0011
8A. OVECHKIN14:21332:45310:0000
10M. BRADLEY10:46250:00000:2200
14T. FLEISCHMANN12:18151:30120:4500
15B. GORDON11:19270:00003:4810
17D. KING9:02000:00000:0000
19N. BACKSTROM12:58321:27200:2800
21B. LAICH12:53241:20213:1801
22M. KNUBLE11:43241:18022:3500
25J. CHIMERA9:39351:18111:4100
26M. HENDRICKS8:11010:01000:5501
27K. ALZNER16:23350:00001:2600
28A. SEMIN13:00331:39300:4701
30M. NEUVIRTH44:497132:57329:1812
39D. STECKEL8:38000:00004:0311
44B. FAHEY11:41340:00000:3900
52M. GREEN15:17222:13314:3702
55J. SCHULTZ15:39240:19004:5301
74J. CARLSON17:25270:55022:5510

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

I'll have the post on Fenwicks and Corsis up later this week, since the Caps don't play until Wednesday.

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