Sunday, May 30, 2010

Non-NHL Awards Part 2

The Todd Bertuzzi Award:

The Todd Bertuzzi Award is awarded to the player judged to have committed the most horrifying play on the ice this season by the amateur hockey bloggers named Red Army Line.

The winner: Patrice Cormier!

Cormier had this horrible elbow to Mikael Tam, putting the latter into convulsions on the ice and later in the hospital with brain trauma. Cormier was charged off the ice with assault and would later be traded to Atlanta as part of the Ilya Kovalchuk trade.

Viewer discretion advised.

Runners-up: (viewer discretion advised on all the videos save the second Savard one)

Alex Ovechkin--Ovechkin already won our inaugural Sidney Crosby award for his hit on Brian Campbell that broke Campbell's collarbone, a few ribs, and set the defenseman out for more than a month, among other things.

Marian Hossa--Hossa made a similar hit as Ovechkin, but on Dan Hamhuis in the Western Conference Quarterfinals (video).

Matt Cooke--Cooke, most of the hockey world thought, crippled the Bruins' playoff hopes with this hit on Marc Savard that gave Savard a mild concussion (of course, hockey players come back early from concussions to score overtime game winning goals in the playoffs)

Dan Boyle--although he's not as well reputed as a "dirty" or controversial player since going from Tampa Bay to San Jose (the "media bias" for the East working in his favor), he had a vicious slew foot on Alexander Semin in Canada's thrashing of Russia in the Olympic quarterfinals (no video readily available, though NBCOlympics might have something).

Mike Richards--he absolutely nailed David Booth, giving the latter a concussion that kept him out for almost the rest of the season. This hit wasn't so much "dirty" as vicious yet clean (under the then-rules with no supplementary discipline for "head shots).

Steve Downie--on the same day as Ovechkin's hit on Campbell, Downie had this vicious slew foot on Sidney Crosby. We're lucky he didn't end Crosby's season there.

James Wisniewski--Wisniewski just went right after Brent Seabrook for some sort of petty revenge. This is the definition of head-hunting.

Past winners: none

(If you feel I've forgotten anything, just add it in the comments and I will add it as a runner-up if it's good enough)

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