Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SCF pick review

Here's what I wrote earlier:

I do like Chicago in this, though--too much depth.
It may sound like a double standard considering that I liked Boston to shut down Pittsburgh, but I don't think Pittsburgh had as much depth as people thought--those third and fourth lines won't provide much--while Chicago can throw out guys like speedy Stalberg and future top-six center Kruger in the bottom-six. Chicago also can throw out many different combinations up front, which may prove helpful--if Toews-Kane isn't working, Toews-Hossa might, etc.

I also like the Hawks' blueline better than Pittsburgh's, or Boston's for that matter--I feel like they're better equipped to hold their own, since most of those guys have value at both ends of the ice (whereas aside from Krug, Chara, and Hamilton, Boston's D is mostly valuable only on the defensive end).

In goal, Crawford has played well. Rask has been much better, but I think he'll come back to Earth somewhat. As it is, Chicago eventually did solve Jimmy Howard, and broke Jonathan Quick. How much harder could it be to solve Rask?

Blackhawks in 6.
The Blackhawks got off to a bit of a slow start in this series, but they found their groove after Hossa got back into the lineup and Kane and Toews were reunited. I guess I sorta got the depth part wrong--Boston's depth did plenty of scoring, while in these last two Hawks wins it's been the top players, mainly (with a cameo from Bolland on the series winner). But they still played well. Corey Crawford held the Hawks in it through the rough times (losing Toews in Game 5, first period of Game 6) and IMO should have won the Conn Smythe, but I guess that's all in the past now.

Final record: 12-3 (Missed on both Senators series and on Kings-Blackhawks; nailed two series: this one and Kings-Blues in the first round)

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