Thursday, May 17, 2012

Conference Finals Predictions

I wrote this before the conference finals series started, but had some mobile posting issues, so here you go, a little late.

Rangers vs Devils

Can Brodeur keep this up? I reckon he's roughly equivalent to Holtby. Obviously, they have different styles, but in a vacuum this veteran ain't what he used to be. He's been decent and was good against Philly. He'll need to repeat that.

Power on power. Tortorella liked Richards, Hagelin, and Gaborik against Ovechkin, and I'm sure DeBoer is willing to oblige with Zajac, Kovalchuk, and Parise. Normally I'd say that's an easy win for New Jersey, but the Rangers' top line really came on strong late in this last series. If they win this matchup, I think they take the series.

Defensive depth. New York is deeper but has played much more hockey. Sure, Tortorella has a tough training camp, but early on the Devils should still be able to take advantage and will need to since they're not super physical, so any advantage there will evaporate.

Prediction: I think the Devils' top six will win their matchups possession-wise fairly comfortably (don't sleep on Elias, he's great) and combine with the significant special teams edge to Newark and I like New Jersey in six.

Coyotes vs Kings

Goaltending. Assuming Quick is solid, only a Halak-like performance will save Phoenix.

Carter. He hasn't been great thus far, but if he gets going...

Ekman-Larsson. He is going to have to play out of his mind against Kopitar. If he wins that matchup in goals, Phoenix's depth may just be able to hold out--Whitney, Vrbata, and Hanzal ain't no slouches.

Prediction: the biggest question is how many games the Kings will lose en route to a cup, I think. Kings in five.

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