Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zone Entries: Caps 4, Canes 3 (OT)

A few notes on what I've done here, inspired by Flyers' SBN site Broad Street Hockey:

I recorded the time of the zone entry--the puck crossing the blueline from the neutral zone into the offensive or defensive zone--as well as the method of entry (Carry, Dump-in but not counting dump-and-changes, Pass, Tap-in, and other, noted as X). I noted the players involved for the Capitals, but not for Carolina. I was doing these real-time, so I may have made a mistake here or there, especially with dump-ins, but I think I got almost all of the players correct. Timings may vary by a second or two from actual time (though it's not like official scorekeepers get those exactly right, either). I also noted whether the rush was an odd-man rush; I included only clear-cut breaks here, where there was no equalizing backchecker within two strides of the final attacking player. In this game, there were a couple of 3-on-2s and 2-on-1s with one breakaway.
Here's a link. You really begin to notice that a) the Caps were surrendering their blueline too easily with all those carry-ins against, b) Nicklas Backstrom and Mike Green handle the puck an awful lot (as do Eric Staal and Jeff Skinner), and c) Jeff Schultz always dumps the puck in. I also noted that Backstrom had several chances to make a power move towards the net from the circles, but decided to keep the puck to the outside instead, when Ovechkin or Semin would have taken a step to the inside and tried to shoot. Mathieu Perreault I thought looked good, but all too often it seemed like the puck was just outside his reach; he'll need to compensate with better smarts.
I recorded 149 entries in this game, with the Capitals getting 86 of those, a stout 57.7%.

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