Friday, April 23, 2010

Canadiens 2, Capitals 1

Alex Ovechkin before the game predicted the Habs would come out strong early. He was right. Luckily, the Caps were able to weather the storm. Now, they did go down 2-0, but this is the Capitals, completely capable of overcoming such a deficit, did, though it was a slow process. Almost.

But in the playoffs, almost isn't good enough.

My internet conked out from just after the first Habs goal until the third, so limited reaction from me tonight.
  • From what I saw, Mike Green had his best game. He was calm with the puck, able to control it cleanly, and passed it around well.
  • Tyler Sloan had a good effort. That being said you could see why Bruce Boudreau was scratching him earlier this series--he's not too good at winning the puck along the boards and then clearing.
  • Is it just me, or is Jeff Schultz back to regular season form (in a good way)?
  • Semyon Varlamov probably wants that first goal back. But great stop on Gomez with about two minutes to go in regulation.
  • John Carlson wasn't carrying the puck as cleanly this game. Bad ice?
  • Alexander Semin--try to pass the puck a bit more, or wait until your teammates get in front of the net before you shoot. But hey, keep getting 'em through.
  • Caps were absolutely gifted a power play after Benoit Pouliot got called for holding on Brooks Laich. Weak call.
  • When Bruce Boudreau put Ovechkin-Backstrom-Semin together late in the game, they were held in check in part because they couldn't win those offensive zone battles along the boards.
  • John Carlson (with Tom Poti) instead of Mike Green with the goalie pulled? Really, Bruce Boudreau? I can't help but think that on that final goalmouth scrum with the goalie pulled, Mike Green deposits the Ovechkin pass, unlike Poti. Put out Carlson with Green, or something. You know, because you need to score.
  • Or ignore me. 3-2 series lead heading back to Montreal. But now you need to start Varlamov again. Would've liked to see Theodore in there tonight. Oh well.
  • Who told Jaroslov Halak to become good again?
  • Seriously? Too many men on the ice? Come on guys, better bench discipline.
  • "Stanley Cup Hockey Central"? A little cheesy, but appropriate, I suppose.
  • 3 Norris Trophy nominees--"all first timers"? Nice, Versus. At least their theme song is better.
Game 6 is Monday night in Montreal, on Versus.

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